I Need a Hobby

12 credits of school work is not enough. Let me tell you that first hand. For a girl who likes... needs, to stay busy to stay productive, 12 credits is just not doin it for me! So thus I decided I need a hobby. And here we are. What a better hobby than sharing my inner most personal details of my soul on the interweb to a bunch of followers who don't exist? Okay I'll tell you. There isn't one. I'm serious, I've checked. I can tell you after a solid 24 hours of active searching on the google, asking my closest friends and family their opinions, and laying in bed staring at my ceiling, there isn't anything better than blogging.., however I found some pret-ty good competitors.
Google suggested:
✿ Bird watching
✿ Amateur Radio (very tempting)
✿ Bell Ringing (I decided this one was a little bit to intense)
✿ Blacksmithing
✿ Cheerleading (check and can I get a 'go Warriors?')
✿ Collecting Hats
✿ Dumpster Diving (this one made it to the finals)
✿ Gnoming (someone please tell me what this is. I really MUST know and try it)
✿ Matchstick Modeling
✿ People Watching (always a hobby)
and of course
✿ yo-yo-ing*
Unfortunately after serious scrutiny, none of these worthy hobby options made the cut due to either it's extensive time commitment, and because I had no idea what it was (Still not letting go of Gnoming).
So finally after accepting that I couldn't knit sweaters and sell them on Etsy (thank you Megan), and Instagram stalking of hot celebrities (thank you Maggie) wasn't really a hobby, but a way of life, I went with the most basic hobby of all: BLOGGING. I mean, c'mon, what's not basic about blogging in Utah Valley? It shouldn't be called Utah Valley, but Blogging Valley, amiright? LOLOLOL.
But listen here, all my non-followers, this is not your average blog... this is a very non-average blog, because this blog, this one right here, the one you are now you are reading is the world's first fitness/yoga/nutrition/lifestyle/relationship (or lack thereof)/politics/opinion/travel/and whatever else is going on in this mind of mine blog. There is not a single blog like this, and there never will be, because my brain is mine, and these words are mine, (not really, but tbh I don't know who to give credit to for words... note to self; google who created words) and more importantly, this blog is mine. And because of my innate fear of being average I must make it clear... I AM NOT AVERAGE. THIS BLOG IS NOT AVERAGE. Basic? Maybe. But average? Never.

Well there it is.
Feelin Hip Happenin and Happy, every darn day.

*List of Hobbies courtesy of http://www.notsoboringlife.com/list-of-hobbies/