Insane in the Membrane

It is Wednesday... that feels like a Tuesday, because yesterday was a Monday that felt like a Sunday because that was the day, the only day, we can celebrate human rights, so we got school off. Horray.

Quick before I get into my daily post, I want to say something about Human Rights. This subject has been recently growing a strong fire in my soul. I don't know what it is, but I'm an equality gal. I used to be a 'tough luck' gal, but now I believe everyone deserves a chance. Equal opportunity; not equal outcome if course as many people mistake my viewpoints to be, but opportunity. Every child deserves a chance to read. Every man deserves a chance to get an education, no matter the color, the circumstance, the religion, the occupation (in honor of current 'police brutality' but that's for another post. And every woman deserves everything the man deserves. Because equality. Everyone deserves the chance to be someone great. And that's that.

Well now I feel kind of funny moving into my daily fitness eating blog... but hear we go. Politics and fitness: The New Frontier.

So I'm sure you are allllll wondering how my meal plans went, and well they didn't go so good. THEY WENT GREAT! My Keenwa Shmeenwa dish was omg perfect. Not only was it delicious and nutritious, but it filled me up for the rest of the day. For dinner all I had was half of a Super salad, and I was set. I'm confused, but excited and I'm not going to question it.
In case you were wondering, for breakfast I usually eat 2 eggs and a piece of fruit, or a bowl of oatmeal (with craisins and almonds) and a piece of fruit. Some snacks I eat are red peppers, prunes (my new favorite thing), peas, broccoli, etc. etc. I'm trying to eat a little bit more than usual, but more healthy. It's quality not quantity ladies and gents!

Since I skipped a day, I feel the need to recap my workout yesterday. I went to the UVU student wellness center (WHICH IS A DREAM) at 5:30 for my Tuesday Zumba class, only to find out IT WAS CANCELLED. After staring at the announcement board for a good 3.5 minutes, I figured I should give another class a go, and that other class was Spinning. People often sell Spinning classes short but shoooooot it kicked my booty. I like to think I'm pretty in shape, but then I take classes like that and it reminds me that I still have quite a long way to go... But nothing could have prepared me for today.


Like I said, I like to think I'm pretty physically fit, but no sireebob, Insanity took my words and slapped me in the face with them, before making me eat them. I was dying at the warm up. The instructor was cute and fit, and would always tell me to go harder, when I could sincerely not go harder even if I wanted to. I wanted to fall on the ground. Literally on the ground... But I didn't because I had a tiny bit of self respect. And I kept going. I'm usually not a 'level one' type of gal but tonight I was. Tonight I was a 'Level take me to the hospital and put me on a respirator because Felisha I can't move my arms and I low-key feel like death.' But in fact, much to my surprise I survived. I survived enough that I decided I want to go back. And I will go back after a few days. See I haven't felt that sore in months and there's nothing more that I love than a good build of lactic acid in my body. Once I started running there was a phrase I came up with 'A workout is not a workout at all, unless in challenges both mind and body' and if we are going by those standards, this was the first full workout I've had in a while.

Anyways there's my fitful day. I'm now going to bed, as I ice every muscle in my body.

Hip, Happenin, and Happy AND HEALTHY, every darn day.