Meal Prep Missus!

I'm trying something new.
New is good right? Wrong. New is GREAT!
I've been starving myself for a while now, watching every calorie that entered my body, until I would finally break and eat a whole bag of chocolate chips. And then after that I would purge until I felt better about myself. I found it's not a very happy way to live... not to mention not a healthy one either. I was trying to eat 1,340 calories a day (which isn't healthy for my height), and I wouldn't even allow myself that many calories. A lot of days I would eat just 1,140 or so and then burn over 600 calories exercising. I predict this put my body into starvation mode. I didn't lose a pound and I've even gained 5 pounds since I started,
So thus my search for something new.
I've heard a lot about meal prep and I've been eager to try it, and I finally got the resolve to do it! So this is Katie's Meal Prep Trail 1.

It's Monday night and I decided I would make two different options for the week, because you know variety. I have seven containers, so I made seven dishes. This can either last me for four days (two meals a day) or the whole week with each on each day.

Contender 1: Keenwa Shmeenwa
1/2 C. Brussle Sprouts- 70cals
1 C Parmesan Zucchini- 75cals
1/4 C. Lemon Pepper Quinoa & Brown Rice- 140cals
1 C. Homemade Lemon Pepper Chicken- 90cals

Contender 2: The ULTIMATE salad
1 C. Kale- 34 cals
1 C. Spinach- 7cals
1/4 C. Garbanzo Beans- 50cals
1/4 Red Pepper- 11cals
1 C. Homemade Lemon Pepper Chicken- 90cals
1/16 C. Lemon Pepper Quinoa & Brown Rice- 35cals
2 Tbs. Salsa (as dressing)- 20cals
(I will of course add some fruit or nuts with this one just to make sure its all balanced)

The meals that I am not eating one of these (hopefully) delicious contenders, I'll eat sustaining, protein rich, balanced meals to keep on with the healthy habit. Woot Woot.

There it is folks. My new plan to get healthy.
I also have a couple new late "New Years Resolutions" when it comes to eating healthy and treating my body right.

  • Work out at least 30mins a day, everyday
  • Do yoga thrice a week
  • Eat clean
  • Buy my meals only twice a week
  • Eat over 1,340 cals a day
  • Stick with meal prep (so long as it works. If it doesn't work, find something new)
  • Keep sweets to a minimum
  • No more peanut butter (My heart just cried a little bit inside... oh wait that was my fat)
  • Run three miles at least thrice a week, until training starts (half marathon here I come!)
  • No more eating after 7
  • Eat a healthy breakfast everyday
  • And of course... Love myself... Appreciate myself... and always Be myself.
Hip Happenin and Happy every darn day.