Operation: Love Myself 1.0

Today I love my tongue..

The tongue is often very under-appreciated. I mean this lil guy helps us talk, sing, kiss ;), and of course taste. That's why I'm giving my muscle in my mouth so much love today. Because it let's me taste amazing things and that makes my heart and soul happy.

I got three words for you people: CHI-POL-TE, The need for Chipolte was so very strong today that Maddi and I drove 20 minutes just to indulge in this Colorado Native mexican food and GOSH DANG it was worth every drop of gas and bit of cash. It was just like home, and it felt so good. It felt even more like home when that same grumbly feeling came 20 minutes later... Still so worth it.

Sometimes it's hard to keep things down when I eat in large amounts, so I couldn't necessarily hold onto that little piece of CO for very long. Who am I kidding. I could help it, I just was afraid. Fear right??

Well we love ourselves everyday no matter what, because if we don't, then who will?