Operation Love Myself dos

Today, I love my feet.
I've always had a love hate relationship with feet. They're gross. They're smelly. They sometimes contract infectious diseases that turn them different colors. They have warts... wait I like warts. Maybe I do kind of like feet... Okay but you get the point. I have never liked my personal feet though. I always believed my toes were a little bit too 'sausagey', I could never wear cute sandals because of how wide my feet were... I could go on and on.

But today I love my feet.
Because they did (and continuously do) exactly what they were supposed to. I took the front runner down to SLC, and put my little footsies to the test. According to my knock off 'fit-bit' I took 25,326 steps today, and I couldn't have done it without the little appendages coming out of my ankles. They may not be the prettiest feet in the book, but they do their job and that's all I can ask.
I think this feet metaphor could potentially fix a lot of other body issues. Yeah I don't particularly like the size of my legs, but they do a helluva good job doing what they're supposed to. I'm not in a wheelchair. I can run. I can walk. I can dance if I want to. I can even leave my friends behind. But if my legs don't work and if they don't work then they're no legs of mine. They are perfect because they do their job, and that's all that matters. Am I saying I'm not going to work on getting that extra fat off of them? Heck no! They don't need those extra pounds hanging off them, they already do enough. But I am going to work on loving them more, as I did with my feet.

Go feet!