year of fear 2k15: day uno

Okay. Yes it's been a long time since I've posted. But for the record, I've gone through blog posts often in my head so I guess it really is the thought that counts right? Right.
But for real, this blog is gonna take a turn for the best as I will be postin everyday. Yep you heard (read) me correctly. EVERYDAY! Because today (June 1st 2015) marks the first day of my Summer of Fear!
What is a "Summer of Fear" you may ask? Well I'll tell you.
One of my heroes, Eleanor Roosevelt said "Do one thing every day that scares you" and in respect to dear old Eleanor (and because I love a good challenge) I took her on. Everyday this summer (June 1st to September 1st) I will do something  that scares me. Now this isn't like death defying feats everyday... I mean of course those will be mixed in, but it includes the day to day things, and let's be honest I'm terrified of those day to day things.
So thus it begins!

Today was a very lame fear day. I know not a vey good start to my fearful summer. But to be fair I had a pretty fearful week. For example:
• I went on a date (just for you mom)
• I went to a party with people I didn't know 
• I spoke my mind 
• I apologized after I spoke my mind
• and other things I currently cannot recall.
(Is it pathetic that these are the things that scare me now?? Yes it is)
So keep these fearful feats in mind when I tell you what I did to conquer my daily scary thing. 

Today, June 1st, I ate a pretty good amount of chocolate WITHOUT purging, and I texted the boy I like first.

So there you have it! Katie's Summer of Fear starting off with a bang.

Also I have to give mad credit to Noelle Hancock, the author of my "Summer of Fear" handbook, "My Year with Eleanor." I HIGHLY suggest this memoir to anyone who wants to face their fears, read a feel good book, and really get in touch with their inner self.

Here's a picture that has literally nothing to do with today's fear, but I stood on a wobbly stump and did tree pose with a hill behind me where it would be incredibly uncomfortable to fall down. So here. Enjoy 

So there it is folks! Stay tuned for this chicken facing her fears (I tried really hard to think of a good metaphor, but nothing came to mind) 

Deuces! ✌🏼️

Also PS: my best friend Megan has also taken on the Eleanor challenge, and I'm pretty sure she's documenting it. I'll let you know where tomorrow!