year of fear: the second day

Okay yeah I said I was gonna post everyday, and yeah I didn't post yesterday. Lay off me okay. Today I'll just post twice so you're welcome.

I'm apart of the rising generation that bases their self worth off of the amount of Instagram likes we get on a picture. It's a horrible and unfortunate truth. If I don't get at least 60 likes, I am a failure and will therefore never find love (which is a major fear of mine). I also am terribly afraid of being basic, or average as most people say.

So my fear for the day June 2nd 2015 was to post an incredibly basic picture with an incredibly basic caption. Terrifying I know. But I did it and I feel better as I bask in my basicness.

Here is the post! I am both surprised because I have gotten so many likes already and disappointed in my followers for liking such a horrible pic. 
One day I hope our generation can remove itself from the Instagram self worth sigma and understand we are still human if our selfie only gets 40 likes.

See this Eleanor? This is what we have come to. 

Peace and blessings