Back in Bidness

I forgot I had this blog, and then I decided I wanted to start blogging my experiences as a pre-med student and then I remembered THIS blog. So I'm back and bloggier than ever.
I have always been a fan of blogging/blogs/bloggers specifically those of the pre-medicine/ medicine variety. it's always so lovely to read blogs of lady MDs who have made it through med school and residency or med-school babes. But I haven't come across a lot of PRE-med blogs or even blogs that have posts from the pre-med stage. I love reading advice about how to pick the perfect specialty, or tips for residency matches, but I would just love to have anything about the nature of being a pre-med student. So this is where I come in
I'm not an expert and I don't have this all figured out, I am just a pre-med student posting about my journey through undergrad in hopes that some other pre-meds out there can look to my blog for advice and we can get through some of the most stressful years of our schooling together.
So this is me:
I'm Katie Franks and I grew up in Centennial, Colorado. It's about 30 minutes from Denver and about 30 minutes from the mountains, which proved to be a very perfect place for a city-loving, mountain-hiking kind of gal. 

My undergrad experience has been a bit rocky so far. I've been to 4 different school and tried out 4 different majors. I am absolutely the type of person that needs to try on several pairs of pants before I can just choose one. Each of the schools I went to before didn't feel right until now. I am currently finishing my third year at University of Colorado in Boulder. I love it. It's close to home, it's a beautiful campus, but more importantly the opportunities I've seen, blow my mind. From research, to clubs, to on-campus EMTs, this school has everything. (also check out this view....)

I'm currently an MCDB major, (which is Molecular Cellular and Developmental biology) with a global health minor. I'm also a big big fan of creative writing which is another reason I wanted to create this blog, to use as an outlet for my writing needs, because you don't get to do a lot of fluffy writing in a pre-med major.
I am also a TA in a CURE laboratory on campus. CURE stands for Cumulative Undergraduate Research Experience and is the BEST thing that's happened to me. Instead of taking a regular gen bio lab where you do everything out of a cook book and you can find all of the answers online if you wanted to (but who wants to?), you get to do REAL LIFE research in a REAL LIFE laboratory for REAL LIFE researchers. When I was in the class I worked under Dr. Corrie Detweiler doing antibiotic resistance research, and now I'm the TA for the lab working under Dr. Tin Tin Su doing cancer research. Undergrads are capable of doing great things, never forget that.
I'm trying my hardest, and working even harder. I'm not sure on a lot of things, but what I do know is that with every action there is a purpose, once you find your purpose, those actions become a lot easier to do.
So welcome, and I hope you think I'm as funny, witty and smart as I do.
hip, happenin, and happy every DARN day.